Week 51

Weather- Temps in the lower 30's, Winds 10-25 mph, freezing rain through the day and into night, turning into light flurries by morning

Gear: DIY hammock, DIY underquilt, Tarp, Kelty sleeping bag

Comments: After getting 10.5 inches of snow last week, we were hit with an inch or two worth of freezing rain that fell throughout the day and into the night yesterday. We got a small, immeasurable amount of snow in the early morning, and the winds picked up through the night towards 25 mph gusts.

Now that we have snow on the ground, I don't have to pound bent metal stakes into the ground. Instead, I just take a stock about a foot long, lay it in the snow, and cover it, creating an anchor point in the snow. This saves weight as you can leave the stakes at home, and you don't have to pound them into the ground (cuz thats no fun). It seemed to do the trick, and held up to some hefty wind gusts through the night.

I also hung at a little sharper of an angle last night, though its still guesswork because I've been to lazy to get a ridge line on my new diy hammock. Maybe I'll get to that later this week. I also ordered a new tarp from ENO- I got their profly. I'll use it for the summer because its a really nice green olive color, and will go perfectly with my camouflaged hammock material to create a stealth hang set up. Some (many) people seem to complain about ENO. Personally, I love their stuff. Sure its not the most light weight or advanced hammock system out there, but its simple and to the point. The tarps are heavy, but the perfect size. They are very easy to set up, using line locks, so you don't have to get all technical with the knots. It keeps my gear simple and easy to use, and because the hammock, tarp, and bug net are sold separately, you can use them interchangeably and with other product brands (I'll use my diy hammock with their tarp and bugnet).

Next week (my final week!) me and my dad are hoping to get out to a state forest, weather and schedule permitting. I have no clue when my post will come, as I'll be busy with Christmas and such. Look between Sunday morning and Tuesday night, and I should have a post up.

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