Week 50

Weather: Temps 25-30 degrees, winds 10-20 mph, 8 inches of snow

Gear: Kelty Noahs 12' tarp, Kelty sleeping bag, DIY hammock, Diy underquilt

Comments: Be careful what you wish for. I had been hoping for a big snowfall before my 52 weeks are up, and it came last night. As much as I love the snow, this could not have come at a worst time. I spent most of yesterday with a raging headache and 100 degree temp, and spending sleeping out was fairly miserable.

To make matters worse, The tarp stretched a lot under the weight of the snow. I had to punch the inside in an attempt to shake it off, but it was too heavy, and eventually the tarp was right in my face. The wind also blew some snow inside the tarp.

I also finished a DIY hammock. Its a little bit shorter than the ENO singlenest, but about a foot wider. It is made out of 1.1 oz. woodland camo ripstop, and is quite comfortable- more so that the parachute fabric the ENO is made out of. Ill add some pictures if I get time.

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