Week 49

Weather: temps 25-35 degrees, winds 10-15 mph, heavy misting fog after midnight.

Gear: Kelty Noah's 12' tarp, ENO singlenest, diy underquilt, Kelty sleeping bag

Comments: Had to kick out the tarp last night because there was a warning issued for heavy/ freezing fog. Im glad I took the time to set up the tarp- when I woke up this morning, the fog was heavy and my headlamp only penetrated three or four feet in front of me. It looked like it was snowing and someone had hit the pause button- there were big, frozen pieces of fog just hanging there in the air. It was quite a cool sight actually.

I changed the angle of my hang a little too last night, just to experiment a little. I had been hanging at roughly the same angle for the past couple of weeks, and I made it sag a little more last night. The result? An even more comfortable hang! With the combination of the perfect sag angle and the temperature under the tarp (set up in a winter configuration, it was easily 5 to 10 degrees warmer than outside) lead to one of my best nights this year of sleeping outside.

I have plans- they aren't concrete yet- to go get some fabric for a DIY hammock. I will HOPEFULLY have one for next weekend, but no guarantees. Its my first big DIY project (aside from my underquilt, which is really just an old sleeping bag that took all of two hours to transform into an underquilt.) so hopefully all goes well.

I'd also like to send a shoutout to ENO. Someone in their company had run across my blog, and their CEO sent me an email with a good discount on any item of my choice- probably a ProFly tarp for summer, once they get the color I want back in stock.

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  1. dj -That's pretty cool that ENO picked up on your blog and threw some samolians your way!!

    So...what happens next year? Got some other project in mind?