UPDATE- Final Week

So my final Saturday is tomorrow! I can't believe how fast this has gone by so fast. As I said last week, me and my dad were planning to go out for the night to a state forest. However, with Christmas celebrations early on Sunday, we aren't going to make it. Im still going to sleep out tomorrow night, but our trip will be set back a week. I think, just because its more interesting, I will do my final post on the 29th, the Sunday after the trip. Is there any input on this? Would you guys rather see a post this Sunday with me sleeping in the yard again, or next Sunday after the trip?

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  1. dj - Do a short post about 12/22, but I think we all would rather see a bigger one for 12-29. Get pics of you and your Dad together. It might seem weird now, but in the years to come you will be really happy that you have those photos.