Week 48

Weather- Temps in the lower 30's to upper 20's, wind 10 mph; gusts up to 20, very little snow (5 minutes worth of light flurries)

Gear- ENO singlenest hammock, Kelty sleeping bag, DIY underquilt

Comments- well, I think we can finally call it winter here in Minnesota. The temps have plummeted from the 40-50's down to the 20's for the most of this week. We also got about half and inch of snow on Thursday, and its stuck around. It was a little warmer last night, with temps hovering right about 30 degrees, comfortable sleeping weather if you have the right gear. I'm really hoping that we'll get a big snowfall in the next four weeks so I can test my year-old gear in it and see how it holds.

I love camping in the winter. Theres no bugs, the temps are cold, but I think its better than uncomfortable heat. In the winter, you can bundle up and control your temperature, but in the summer, you can only get to a certain point until you lose your climate control and its just downright hot. Also, you can see a lot more in the winter. I remember on some of the trips I was on in the summer, the undergrowth was so bad, we couldn't see much off the trail (and in some places, even the trail had undergrowth up to my neck). In the winter, the trees loose their leaves, and the undergrowth recedes. It opens to a beautiful land scape, and you can see for a long way in any direction, without much view obstruction.

Its also easier to avoid running into animals you might not want to run into. Over the summer, I spent nights above what might have been a game trail, as well as a night near a rocky cliff. Upon hiking out of the cliff site in the morning, we found what appeared to be mountain lion tracks, leading to and from the cliff. We concluded a mountain lion may have called that cliff home, and we may have been two very lucky campers? In the winter, its easier to spot tracks in the snow. That way you can determine whether your hanging over a game trail, or in a lions den.


  1. dj- You are a true northerner! It is easier to control your temps in the cold than in the heat of summer. I had some sweaty nights this last summer down here in IL!!
    So maybe there will be some downy goodness under the tree this year?? Does your Dad review these comments?? Dad?? ;)

  2. Yep, proud Dad does review the comments! And I have faith that he can earn it himself...