Week 47

Weather: Temps 30-35, wind 0-20 mph, no precipitation

Gear: Eno hammock, DIY underquilt, Kelty sleeping bag

Comments: I was hoping to watch the meteor shower going on now, but the sky was clouded over. The winds were strong late on Saturday, but died down to almost nothing by this morning.

It was one of those nights were its just cold enough to get that nice, refreshing deep sleep, but warm enough that your to comfy and cozy to do anything. Heck, the branch of the tree I hung from last night was cracking and swaying in the wind, but even having my life on the line was not enough to get out of bed. Anyway, I woke up fine with fresh air in my lungs and energized for the day.

On a totally off note, Im looking for a new edc knife. Im liking the small multitools such as the Gerber dime or Leatherman Squirt. My previous experience with other (cheap) multitools, however, has not been good. Can any of you persuade me to toss the money in for a multitool or perhaps a different edc blade?

1 comment:

  1. dj - The Squirt is a nice little carry. BUT, don't bring it to school! Those nuts running the place will think you are a terrorist or serial killer and suspend you!

    P.S. Nice Promo, dude!