Week 46

Weather: Temps in the 20s, wind 15-20 mph, gusts to 30 mph, light snow flurries

Gear: Kelty sleeping bag, homemade underquilt, eno hammock

Comments: Sorry for the late post. I quickly packed for my camping trop this weekend, so I forgot straps and a rain tarp. It stormed (in November?) both nights, so I was lucky we had an actualshelter I could sleep in for the weekend. This means that I spent last night out instead of Saturday.

Last night was cold and blustery, with winds gusting to 30 mph and temps in the thirties. I didnt use a tarp, and got snowed on. It was cool though, sleeping with quite literally a blanket of snow, and watching the majestic frozen particles fall from the dark sky. Lucky for me, it stayed cold enough that it didnt melt and soak me inside the sleeping bag. I woke up with a light snow covering on the ground- the first snow this year to have stuck around.

I hope to get in another camping trip before my 52 weeks are up, but Im not sure that will be happening.

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