Week 45

Weather: temps in the lower 30s, no wind, small amount of precipitation

Gear: Eno hammock, kelty 0 degree sleeping bag

Comments: What a beautiful night to sleep last night! I was a little scared I was going to get rained on, because their was a few drops of it for about an hour when I first got out, but luckily it stopped so there was no need to set up a tarp. The extra hour of sleep felt nice, and allowed me to wait a bit before falling asleep to look up at the crystal clear sky to see the stars and a large moon. It was actually very cool to see the stars for once, because unless I'm in the woods, its hard to see them with the bright city lights.

I slept good- I find the lower thirties to be perfect sleeping weather, I always wake up refreshed with fresh air in my lungs, and it seems to keep me energized through the day when that happens. I ended up being a little to warm in the sleeping bag so I unzipped it and left it partially open to allow the cool air in.

I'm camping next weekend so my post will be Late Sunday evening probably. The weather looks like it will be mild temps and perhaps our first snowfall of the season- so you can expect a good post  next week.

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