Week 44

Weather: Temps 28-30 degrees, wind 5 mph, no precipitation
Gear: Eno hammock, DIY underquilt, kelty 0* sleeping bag

Comments: I had to kick out the cold weather gear last night- the temps were in the upper 20's and the wind was a little cold when it blew by. Its definitely getting closer to winter- dark at six, and cold. The underquilt really helped keep me warm, even though I usually go without it.

I slept really well, knocked out for a solid 5 hours.  I think there's something about cold weather that makes me sleep better.  The moon was full and really bright, but it didn't hinder my sleep and actually made the leaf-less trees look quite beautiful against the dark night sky. I woke up energized and ready to take on the day.

I also got a new piece of gear earlier this week. Its the Princeton Tec fuel headlamp. Cabela's site was down last Tuesday, so they offered ten dollars towards any purchase. Id been wanting a headlamp for a while now, and the Fuel was on sale for 15 bucks. With the discount, It came to 6bucks with tax- and free shipping. It really helps when setting up in the dark- no more putting flashlights in my mouth in order to use both hands to do what I need to.

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