Week 43

Weather:temps 45- 50 degrees, winds 10 mph, no precipitation

Gear: Eno hammock. snugpack sleeping bag

Comments: A beautiful fall night last night. The leaves are off the trees and littered on the ground now, making for a nice, clear shot of the night sky. The temps were a refreshing and comfortable 45 degrees, but this was supposed to be the last weekend of nice weather before we start getting cold temps.

It was really easy to fall asleep last night, because the wind was blowing around 10 mph, constantly shuffling around the leaves, which made a surprisingly soothing sound (or maybe I'm just weird). I also picked up a new piece of gear yesterday that I tested on a short hike earlier this morning with my family. It is a Coleman revel hydration pack. I got it at Target for 30 bucks (I had a bunch of gift cards to spend), and it is surprisingly made of fairly decent quality, beyond what I've come to expect from Coleman over the years. It has three pockets, the main reservoir (2 liter) pocket, a large pocket for stashing gear, and a smaller, padded pocket for electronics like phones or cameras. It also has some elastic webing on the back to lash on a jacket or something

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