week 42

Weather: Winds calm, 5-15 mph, temps 28-55 (highs and lows for the entire weekend), no precipitation, but frost and dew.

Gear: Eno hammock, Kelty tarp, Snugpak sleeping bag

 Comments: What a beautiful weekend for a camping trip! Rain was in the forecast for Saturday, but missed us to the south. The first night was the best off the two. Temps were in the 40's, and there was a light, refreshing wind. The problem was I had a ten foot hammock hanging between trees about eight feet apart. I was VERY uncomfortable, but still managed to get some rest.
I moved my set up in the morning, and realized just how important it was to make sure the trees you hang on are sturdy. I was debating between a birch tree and an oak tree for a second anchor, but finally chose the oak. I used the birch tree as a guy-out point for my tarp. as soon as i tightened the tarp, the tree snapped in two- it had been rotting from the inside out.
The second night, I got a taste of true Minnesota weather. As soon as the sun was down, the temps had plummeted to below freezing, 28 degrees by about 9:30. At about 1 A.M in the morning, the temps crept back up into the 40's. This meant that the frost that had formed UNDER all the tarps and rainflys turned into dew. It was like I was getting rained on, and my tarp was the cloud. It was cold, wet, and miserable by morning. Luckily, I remembered to pack gloves- putting away a wet tarp when its 40 degrees out is not fun.

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  1. dj - Did you get any photos at Birch Bend? It sure would be great to see 'em if you did.