Week 41

Weather: Temps 28- 35 degrees, winds calm 5- 10 moh, no precipitation

Gear: Eno hammock, snugpak sleeping bag

 Comments: First, I wanna appologize for last weeks no-post. I just got so busy that I completley forgot about it. Thanks to those of you who are still reading everyweek.
I realized last night I only have eleven weeks of this left! The year gas gone by alot faster than I had imagined.
Last night was beautiful. When I went to bed there was that crisp, cool fall feeling. Mist of the leaves had fallen off of the trees, so I had a clear view of huge white clouds as they drifted across the night sky. It was the perfect sleeping weather, and that us why I love fall so much. Ill be camping at Birch bend next weekend, so you can look for a good lengthy podt next Sunday night.
I also got myself a new piece if gear this past week- a Buff. I love this thing! For those of you who dont know what it is, its basically a tube of fabric that can be worn around the head or neck in tons of configurations. I used it as a beenie at my cross cointry meet yesterday morning, and as a head band to keep my ears warm last night. I suggest you check them out at http://www.buffusa.com/sports/
There are also videos of how to wear them on youtube.


  1. Love the buff. A truly multi-use piece of gear!
    I hope you post up pics next week!

  2. Sorry- I didnt have a camera for any pics, but it been hard to get a good shot of the set ip because It was pretty overgrown where I was.