Week 37

Weather: temps 50-60 degrees, winds 20-30 mph, no precipitation

 Gear: Eno hammock, eno guardian bugnet, tarp prototype

 Comments: Well, fall is in the air now. The air is crisp and fresh, the temps cool and winds blowing. It actually feels really great. fall is definitely my favorite season- there's no sweat, no bugs, few leaves on trees so I can see further, and the leaves that are still up are pretty colors. Let alone how crisp and refreshing the air is.

I got myself a new piece of gear too! Its the ENO Guardian Bugnet, and its pretty sweet. Though its a little late to use it, its benefits reach far beyond keeping bugs out. As it is made of finely knitted, dark mesh, it keeps it a tad bit darker inside the hammock (think those sunblocks that people put on windows in cars) It also keeps it a little warmer,, air having a little harder time passing through it.

The one interesting thing I found was that it fell short about three inches at one end of the hammock, but I'm sure it will stretch out in time. The other think is that the stuff sack is a heavier-almost waterproof- fabric then the stuff sack of the hammock. (personally, I would want a waterproof bag around my hammock rather than my bugnet)

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  1. Yes! Finally some cool air. BUT, I can't get get away for a hangout because my son (also 14) is in marching band and has performances every weekend.
    Keep up the good work, DJ!