Due to a JROTC encampment this weekend, I will not be able to sleep outside on saturday night (were stuck in barracks). I will spend sunday night out instead. I should be able to get a post up on monday morning, but it may be late monday night otherwise.


Week 39

Weather: temps 35-40, wind calm 0-5 mph, no precipitation

Gear: Kelty Noahs tarp, Snugpak sleeping bag, thermarest sleeping pad

 Comments: Finally- the weather I've been waiting for. It was a cold and frosty night last night spent on the ground, because I stayed at my Grandpas for the weekend and he has no good hanging trees near him. But it felt good to go back to what I did before hammocking- tossing up a tarp and putting a sleeping bag under it. People think I'm crazy- not using a tent when its below freezing, let alone using a sleeping bag thats rated for about 45 degrees. Instead of lugging around a winter sleeping bag that takes up twice the space as a summer one, I prefer to add extra layers of clothes to keep warm. Its simple logic- you can have a really warm sleeping bag in which you strip down to your underwear at night to be comfortable in, and than wake up in the morning and have to add layers of clothes on; or you can have a sleeping bag for warmer weather, and sleep in the clothes you brought for during the morning when its cold. (Does that make sense?)

Anyway, it was a great night last night, and I had a little blast to the past staring up at the starry night sky from under my little lean to shelter, allowing the cold air to knock me out into a deep sleep. It was easily one of the best nights of sleep I have had in the past 39 weeks.


Week 38

Weather: Temps in the low 60's, winds calm 5-10 mph, no precipitation

 Gear: ENO Hammock, snugpack sleeping bag.

 Comments: So sorry guys! Another late post- I've just been so busy now that I've started high school, so its harder to get my posts up.

Anyway, Saturday night was a beauty... its been a while since we've had a good storm :(. I can defiantly feel fall in the air now, its crisp and clean and puts me to sleep real fast. I went tarpless last night, starring at the stars and just watching how beautiful the sky looks. The down side to that is that I woke up to a bed of leaves. There was a good armful of them that had collected in the hammock by morning.

I also set up the hammock at WAY to sharp of an angle. I didn't notice it at first, but by morning my side was all cramped up and pretty painful.

Sometime early in October I should be getting back out in the woods again and out of my backyard (finally... Its been quite a while since my last camping trip.) So you can look forward to a pretty extensive post on that coming up in the next few weeks.

Again, thanks to those of you sticking with me here with my busy schedule and still taking time to read my blog. I'll do my best to get something up early Sunday morning from now on, but no guarantees.


Week 37

Weather: temps 50-60 degrees, winds 20-30 mph, no precipitation

 Gear: Eno hammock, eno guardian bugnet, tarp prototype

 Comments: Well, fall is in the air now. The air is crisp and fresh, the temps cool and winds blowing. It actually feels really great. fall is definitely my favorite season- there's no sweat, no bugs, few leaves on trees so I can see further, and the leaves that are still up are pretty colors. Let alone how crisp and refreshing the air is.

I got myself a new piece of gear too! Its the ENO Guardian Bugnet, and its pretty sweet. Though its a little late to use it, its benefits reach far beyond keeping bugs out. As it is made of finely knitted, dark mesh, it keeps it a tad bit darker inside the hammock (think those sunblocks that people put on windows in cars) It also keeps it a little warmer,, air having a little harder time passing through it.

The one interesting thing I found was that it fell short about three inches at one end of the hammock, but I'm sure it will stretch out in time. The other think is that the stuff sack is a heavier-almost waterproof- fabric then the stuff sack of the hammock. (personally, I would want a waterproof bag around my hammock rather than my bugnet)


Week 36

Weather: Temps in the 70s, winds calm, no rain

Gear: Tarp prototype, Eno singlenest, Snugpak travelpak extreme

Comments: Sorry guys! I was on the road most of the day yesterday doing some exploring and didnt have a chance to get my post in. But now I can.

It was another boring, nothing-happened summer nights on saturday. I set up... climbed in... slept... woke up... and took down. If anything interesting happened, My allergies became really aggrivated through the night. It was also really hot and muggy, so I spent alot of time slapping mosquitoes because I wasnt completely in my sleeping bag and the permethrin is starting to where off. Winter... no bugs, no allergies, and exciting things that happen during the night. Maybe it will be here soon...

Anyway, I wanted to thank all you guys for taking time to read my blog- to be honest, I wasnt expecting much more than 200 views by the end of my time, but 3/4 of the way through, im sitting at more than 6,000! So thanks for reading and keeping me going!