Week 35

Weather: Temps 60-70 degrees, humid, drizzling rain

Gear: ENO Singlenest hammock, Tarp prototype, snugpak sleeping bag

Comments: It was hot and muggy last night.  The temps started at about 60 degrees, and crept up towards the 70 throughout the night. It also drizzled for a few hours after about 11:00. Luckily, I had no more critter issues like I did last week, aside from a cicada that was buzzing away somewhere off to my left. I hoping for winter weather to get here soon- I've said it before and I'll say it again- summer weather is just kinda blah.

Realizing I haven't talked to much about my tarp, I can fill you in on that now. Basically I was looking for the simplest way to put up a tarp, because as easy as hammocks are to set up, tarps can be a pain. My solution? Elastic ridgelines. Because i use whoopie slings, I have to use toggles. So I took advantage of them. Instead of tieing a ridgeline to a tree, It is a loop of shock cord at both ends of the tarp. That way, i just stretch it out and put it over the toggles, just like I wold with my whoopie slings. The elastic allows it to stay at least mostly taught when i get in the hammock, as the weight pulls the toggles closer together, but the cords cancel it out because they were stretched to begin with. Then, all I have to do is tie the corners to stakes, and its set up. The only downside would be setting up in the rain- because its almost impossible to set up unless the hammock is already strung between the toggles. Next week i can post some pictures, and maybe it will be more clear what is happening.

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