Week 33

Weather: Temps 60 degrees, winds 1-5 mph, no rain

Gear: Eno Hammock, Snugpak sleeping bag, tarp

Comments: Week 33... and yet another beautiful night. I was really hoping to watch the Perseid Meteor shower, but it was really cloudy and with a good chance of rain, I was forced to put up a tarp. The tarp was of no use as it turned out it didn't actually rain, but it wouldn't of mattered any way because the sky was overcast through the night.

The temperature stayed a constant 60 degrees with a very light wind, which made for a wonderful night of sleep. However, I think I'll only have maybe a month of this nice weather left before we started getting towards the winter season- and a Minnesota winter season at that. Hopefully winter will make things a little more interesting, because as nice as nice weather is, it gets quite boring after a while. So I hope winter will be a better test of my gear and challenge me a little bit more.

Anyway, I decided to time how fast I could set up, because I've gotten pretty good at it. Turns out that just the hammock takes 1 minute 13 seconds, and adding the tarp brought me to a total of 6:43.

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