Week 32

Weather: Temps 55-60 degrees, Wind 20-30 mph, No precipitation

Gear: ENO Hammock, Snugpak sleeping bag

Comments: Last night was crazy. The forecast showed no chances of rain, so I went tarpless. When I went to bed, it was a beautiful, clear night. The crickets were louder than ever, the wind was very calm, and theair was cool. I fell asleep almost instantly. It would not stay like this though.

I woke up around 11:00 as the wind went from 2 mph to 20 mph. Its definatley not the most comforting thing to see the tree you are (and have been for 31 weeks) sleeping from whip its branches around and shake its trunk like some giant was trying to uproot it.  The clear night quickly turned into an overcast night as I watched the huge cloud roll in from the west. It was actually quite interesting to watch under the nearly full moon as the cloud covered me, quickly advancing towards the east. It had basically turned into a full blown storm without the rain, thunder or lightning.

After about 12:15, the winds died down and the cloud had moved on. The fun was over, and conditions returned to like what it was when I first got out.

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