Week 31

Weather: Temps 70-85, winds calm, 1-5 mph, Spotty showers throughout night, Heavy rain starting at 4 a.m.

Gear: ENO Singlenest hammock, Snugpak sleeping bag, tarp prototype

Comments:  Last night started really warm, but cooled down due to rain that started as  on and off sprinkles through out the night, then turned to a heavy continuous downpour.  I was able to test out the tarp I was talking about last week, and it worked really well. The only problem with it is that its one of those heavy, bulky poly tarps. I hope to get some material to make a better tarp out of it soon, but until then I am stuck with a poly tarp.

Ive also taken off the ridgeline on my hammock. As much as I love the organization it offers, being able to have all the stuff I need in the morning hanging in a bag just above me while I sleep, I just wasn't able to get comfortable with the sag, even if I did lay diagonally. So for now, I just hang a bag off my whoopie slings at the head end of the hammock and throw everything in there.

Its been 7 weeks since I treated the hammock with permetherin, and its still going strong. It was only supposed to last 5 weeks, but I have yet to have any problems with the bugs. I'm hoping now that all I need to do is treat it at the beginning of each summer, and forget about it.


  1. Since the Permethrin is on the fabric of the hammock, how are you protected from the exposed parts that aren't covered by the hammock. Does the Permethrin sufficiently create a cloud of protection?

  2. Intersting about Permethrin. There are hammocks with bug nets, but you don't seem to need a net. Do you have Permethrin on your hat and clothes while sleeping. It seems bugs will get to anything exposed to air?

    1. I generally wrap the hammock around me, creating a cocoon

  3. Right. That makes sense! BTW, I love your journey!

  4. Also. I got three hammocks, sprayed permethrin, and my kiddies went on their first backpack trip. They love their hammocks. Thanks for the inspiration. I do believe hammocks are the way to go.