Week 30

Weather: Wind 5-10 mph, temps mid 70s, very humid

Gear: ENO Singlenest hammock, home made suspension, tarp- a prototype of a new design 

Comments:  Alright guys, first a want to apologize about these last couple of crazy weeks. I left last Saturday for a week long camping trip and was unable to post on Sunday. I should be back on schedule now though, the crazy part of my summer is over and I'll be able to post every week again.

Anyway, last night was a great day to sleep. It was hot and humid, but it was very comfortable to just sit on top of my bag and fall into a deep sleep. It didn't rain as I had expected, so I didn't really need the tarp because it just made it hat much hotter to the point where it was almost uncomfortable, but it was still a nice night.

I have also been brewing up a new tarp design... its currently in the very early prototype stage, but it will be awesome when its finished. As much as I love my Kelty Noah's 12 tarp, It can be a pain in the butt to set up and take down due to its massive size. What I was looking for was a small tarp that is personalized to my specific gear use. It is so personalized, I am certain it will be only applicable to my hammock, but you could also apply the idea to you own, and make the measurements the way you need them.

Essentially, this tarp does no have a tree to tree ridge line, but rather a strap to strap suspension (like hennesy stock tarps) This attachment will be made with a little bit of shock cord that will strap around the toggles on my marlins spice hitch, just like my whoopie slings would. The corners of the tarp will also have shock corded tie out points. The idea behind the shock cord is that when you sit in you hammock, the tarp will not sag as it would with non-stretchy lines, but rather re tighten itself, just like self tension guyouts. I will also add velcro around the whole perimeter of the tarp so I can close it off where and when needed.

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