Week 28

Weather: Temps 70-76 degrees, winds 1 mph, no precipitation

Gear: ENO Singlenest Hammock, DIY Suspension

Comments: Well, after three weeks I'm finally back at it. I did actually get a few chances to sleep in the hammock during the time I was at camp, So really I didn't miss anything.

Last night was wonderful. You'll notice that I didn't put a sleeping bag in with my gear... thats because the humidity level was hovering in the 70s, and a long sleeve shirt and pants worked just fine.  It was actually fairly uncomfortable to sleep when its that humid and there isn't any wind, but the air flow around the hammock helped alot for keeping me cool.

I think I mentioned before that I treated my hammock with permetherin, and I am happy to say it works like a charm. It repels the mosquitos and kills the ticks. I found two dead ticks on it one day at camp, and had no mosquito bites while I was in it.  I would highly suggest using this if you don't all ready and are having problems with bugs.

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