Week 24

***IMPORTANT UPDATE*** Over the next three weeks, I am going to do a little stint as a "camp counselor in training". Therefore, I will not be able to post on the dates of 6/17, 6/24, and 7/1. Thanks for your understanding!

Weather: Temps 75-85 degrees, Winds 5-10 mph, no precipitation
Gear: ENO SingleNest Hammock, Snugpak Travelpak Extreme sleeping bag
Comments: Again, another beautiful summer night. The temps put me to sleep almost immediately, and I woke up without feeling the slightest bit cold, as I have in other weeks. Also, I treated the hammock with a good dose of permtherin. I love this stuff now! I could hear tons of those pesky little mosquitoes flying around last night, but awoke in the morning to only one bite.
The only problem I had was with my sleeping bag. Being from Minnesota, I've geared most of my gear-buying (no pun intended) towards winter things. However, I finally got it into my head last night that we live in a temperate climate, where even though a 30 degree sleeping bag will work in the winter, it is not for 80 degree weather. I think for the summer months I will have to find a sleeping bag liner to use on the hot nights.

-Backpacking trip Tuesday- Thursday-
As I mentioned last week, me and my dad did a little backpacking trip earlier this week down at the Richard J Dorer memorial Hardwood Forest. The bugs came in swarms of hundreds and the undergrowth made it difficult to see, but we still enjoyed it. The first night we attached to some trees just off the trail and spent the night. We heard some coyotes, perhaps two different (and large) packs down in the valley below us.
The second night, we ended up finding our campsite much before intended (It was maybe 10:00 in the morning!) It was this beautiful old quarry that still had some rock, on one side was our camp site; the other was a heavily wooded cliff leading down to the Mighty Mississippi. Because it was so early, we continued on and did some more hiking around the area to take up time.

Overall, we had a great time. The hammocks worked well, it would have been a hard trip to make with tents. Here are some pictures-
Little baby deer- we were maybe 2 feet from it

Sun setting over quarry
2nd night camp

2nd night camp

Over the other side of the quarry

The trail- It was like this, but occasionally the grass got to about waist height

1st night camp, my set up left, my dads right

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