Week 23

Weather: Temps 58-65 degrees, winds 0-5 mph, no precipitation.

Gear: ENO Singlenest hammock, DIY Suspension, Snugpak Travelpack Extreme sleeping bag.

Comments:  Its summer now, and the weather is just getting nicer. Last night was the perfect night to be sleeping outside- the temps were cool and the wind was non-existent. The only problem with summer is that the bugs are now out full-force. There were TONS of mosquitoes flying around last night, and it was really hard to sleep with them buzzing in my ear, let alone biting me no matter how wrapped up I got in my sleeping bag. Along with the bugs, the little critters like squirrels and chipmunks are also out now.

Because there was no chance of rain, I skipped the tarp. In the morning, however, I wished I hadn't. The squirrels were running around on the tree branches knocking little berries off that got caught in the hammock. I woke up and found 20 or 30 of these little things all over the place.

Also, the sun no longer wakes up at 7:30 in the morning like it did in the winter. It was bright as day at about 5:15 this morning, and it was hard to sleep. I think I'm going to try tying a bandanna around my eyes and see how that works for keeping it darker.

Tuesday I will be doing a little three day backpacking trip to celebrate my middle school graduation. I guess we can say it is the final test of my gear. I will take pictures and maybe a video to share with you on next weeks post.

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  1. I know what you mean about stuff falling into the hammock. That really bites big time when you wake up with crud under your back! Maybe just a bug net over you will help. Also, as for getting bitten through the hammock, try the permethrin treatment. It really works!