Week 22

Weather: Temps 60-65 degrees, winds calm at around 5 mph, No rain overnight.

Gear: Kelty Noah's 12 Tarp, ENO SingleNest hammock, Snugpak Travelpak Extreme.

Comments:  Last night was a beautiful night to be sleeping outside, and I did it with my new Kelty Noah's 12 Tarp. This tarp is so huge, I feel like instead of having a tarp for my hammock, I have a hammock for my tarp. The tarp came in the mail Thursday, and after getting some braided masons line, I set it up on Friday and kept it up through this morning. Though it didn't rain last night, there was some rain on Friday night, and it poured yesterday morning. The tarp, contrary to some reviews that it "leaked like a sieve" Didn't leak a drop. I set it up as a rectangle, and this allowed for two side tie outs on both sides to give some more space. I could easily get my hammock, two folding chairs, and two or three sets of gear under it. Check out my full review for more info and pictures.

Other than the new tarp, I don't have much to talk about. My dad decided he would try his rig out last night in preparation for a trip we have planned for next Tuesday, but ended up bailing about 1:30 due to inexperience. He had some cold spots and a few other minor "new hanger syndromes". Over all though, he said he liked it, and hes working on educating himself with Shug's youtube videos

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  1. Hopefully your Dad and you can do some hikes together. Also, if you can talk him into it, try a canoe trip up in the BWCA using your hammocks.