Week 21

Weather: temps 45-70 degrees, wind varrying in strength, gusts of 35 mph, Heavy, prolonged rain showers with occasional thunder and lightning.

Gear: ENO Singlenest hammock, ENO Dryfly, Snugpak Travelpak Extreme.

Comments: I got out camping this weekened and two words will describe the entire weekend- miserably fun. I got a good test of my gear- heavy rain, strong wind, and bugs. The Snugpak sleeping bag has a bugnet built into the mumoe hood that zips up when your in it, fully enclosing your body. Sleeping with a baseball cap to keep the netting off my face, I kept everything off me.
Ive learned that just because highs are in the 80s doesnt mean I should only pack shorts- the temps dropped into the 40s during the rain, and my legs were eaten by mosquitoes no matter where I went.
I had my hammock set up right next to a beautiful, clear, smooth lake. Words cant explain the amazing sight of waking up to an orange sun peaking over picturesque pine trees, turning the clouds shades of red and purple. We arrived friday night in the rain, and left sunday morning in the rain. This meant that after about ten minutes of getting a natural shower while setting my gear up, I was swingly comfortably in my hammock, smiling as my friends attempted to set up 6-person basecamp style tents, Fighting over the drier ground. This (sunday) morning, I woke up, ate my breakfast and help clean up around camp before going for a little snooze as my buddies packed their tents away in the rain. I think Ive made a fair share of hammock-converts this weekend :).
The only problem I had was bugs. Its not the most convient thing to slip into a sleeping bag and zip yourself up just to sit in your hammock. Im going today to get some permethrin to apply to my stuff before my next outing. (If I apply now to my hammock, do you think it will last a summer where I will spend maybe 20-30 nights in it? or will I need to re-apply halfway through?)


  1. The permethrin will last a long time, especially if you are not laundering your hammock (and mostly we don't).
    You can use permethrin on your sock, pants, outer shirt, and hat. You will be pleased with the results.
    There is also picaridin. I haven't tried that, but you can google it and a lot of folks like it better than permethrin.

  2. "Miserably fun" describes some of my best experiences in life.