Week 20

Weather: Temps 50-60 degrees, wind 1 mph, no percipitation

Gear: ENO singlenest hammock, Snugpak travelpak extreme.

Comments:  Yup, just a hammock and a sleeping bag.
Last night was a beautiful night to sleep out. The winds were barley existent at 1 mph and with no chance of rain, I was able to fall asleep looking at stars instead of fabric for a change. (quick update- the tarp I want will have to wait a little bit because I have quote "better things to spend my money on".) So anyway, it was so nice out yesterday I couldnt resist souping up the ole hammock. I decided to add a ridgeline to jt, a task that had for some reason daunted me since I started hanging. The I sewed myself a little pocket and attached it to the line via prussics. I added a few nite-ize figure 9 biners and wala, I have a fully functional ridgeline.
Now I can see why people have an issue with the singlenest hammock though. Ive always been fine with it, but thats because I stretch it too tight I guess. Now that I have it hanging at the proper angles, I am very uncomfortable laying bannana style like I used to... and the hammock is quite narrow. So well see how it all works out. Im considering possibly putting in a little footbox but thats a bit beyond my sewing skills.
I dont want this post to go on too long so I am just quickly going to add that I succesfully took my two layers of clothing and 30 (50 on my count) degree bag down to 47 degrees with no underquilt

Here are pictures of my ridgeline mods..

 the ridgeline with diy organizer
a few s biners for ataching various things

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  1. Those are S-biners in the last pic. No? Figure 9s are for tying and tightening lines... http://www.niteize.com/collections/figure-9/products/figure-9-small-1