Week 19

Weather: Temps 55-60, winds 40 mph, gusting to 55, severe thunderstorms and constant heavy rain.

Gear: ENO singlenest hammock, dryfly, snugpak extreme travelpak sleeping bag.

Comments: It rained last night- and when I say rain, I mean there were puddles 2-3 inches deep all over the place. It rained most of the day saturday, quit for a little in the afternoon, and started up again around 10:00. The severe stuff rolled in around 2:00 and lasted about an hour. I will post the video I shot later if I remember.
I learned two things last night. First was that when it comes to nights where winds are gusting to almost 60 mph and there is an almost constant downpour of heavy rain, the dryfly tarp is not going to make the cut. Its perfect for light summer sprinkles, but it wont do in spring storms. I will be upgrading my tarp to a Chinook 12x9.5, which I hope to have in my hands for next week.
I also learned the importance of using a garbage bag to prevent rain from soaking your gear. Though I was off the ground, my stuff was sitting in puddles on the ground last night, and it isn't fun to pit shoes with an inch of water in them on in the morning. I will carry a garbage bag in my pack from now on to toss everything i want dry into at night.


  1. Hey, DJ! How's it going?
    I am looking forward to pics of your new tarp.
    I recently got a new tarp, too. It's a used Hammock Gear cuben...pretty $pendy, but I'm an old coot with more dough than brains, so I trew down the cash. It weighs only 6.5 oz.

    1. Sadly I have to wait on the tarp... I cant "fix what aint broken" in my dads words until I am done with my three week camp this summer :(