Week 17

Weather: Temps 40-50 degrees, winds light, consnstant drizzleing

Gear: ALPS 4 tent, snugpak sleeping bag, thermarest heat reflective pad.

Comments:  Week 17, and finally out of my backyard and into the good ole piney woods for the first time this time season. (no pictures, sorry, its against the "electronics policy") My Boyscout troop goes camping usualy about once a month, and this weekend was the first time for us  this year. It was a great time, but I was slightly disappointed to find that there were no trees in the entire area soutible for hanging. The only two that were the right distance and didn't have 3 feet of brush under them were across a trail. So, I was stuck in a tent on the uncomfortable ground.
It was constantly drizzling and occasionaly a small downpour the whole time. All my stuff stayed dry, but i learned that a rain jacket that actualy fits me would be nice to have in the rain (I was using one 2 or 3 sizes to big for me). I also found that its not a good idea to forget your water bottle, because I was stuck the whole time drinking out of a 1/2 cup measuring cup I scavenged from the troop's over-abundant cooking supply.
I woke up a little cold this morning but throwing on a second shirt warmed me up pretty fast. Another trick I've found to getting a good nights sleep in is to put new socks on before you go to bed at night instead of in the morning. I don't know why, but it just feels amazing.

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  1. Fresh socks at night - Because they are dry. Your feet sweat all day and the moisture will draw cold at night. 100% wool is best at night.