Week 16

Weather: Temps in the upper 50s, winds 10-15 mph, heavy rain.

Gear: ENO hammock, ENO DryFly rain tarp, Snugpak travelpak extreme sleeping bag.

Comments: Well, last night we got rain again. Unlike last week though, it downpoured from about 12:30 am through 7:00. What started out as a beautiful sunny day quickly turned to a cloudy rainy night. I got a picture of the radar that I will put at the bottom of the post so you can see what I was up against.

I only had one problem through the night. At one point during the rain, I woke up andfound the foot side of my hammock had lowered a good 4 inches. Im not sure what caused it... my guess is that a drop of water found its way down the burry of my whoopie sling and made it slip a bit.

There was one thing that surprised me last night... and it was how well the tarp worked. Again, like I have said time and time again, this tarp has will not live down to its negative reviews. It kept me perfectly dry through 6 hours of heavy downpour, not once loosing its tension.

Overall, I think last night might have been me best sleep yet. I woke up once at about 1:00 when it started to rain, checked the radar, and fell back a sleep. Slept right through the majority of the rain, nice and cozy. I woke up in the morning to have little streams of water running under me (which soaked my shoes) and was happy to not have to sleep right on top of those in a tent.

Radar image from 1:19 last night

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