Week 15

Weather: Temps hovered right around 40 degrees the whole night, Winds 10 mph, and... RAIN :)

Gear: Eno Hammock, ENO Dryfly, DIY Suspension, Snugpak travelpak extreme sleeping bag, Ridgeline/ various attachments, DIY Underquilt 

Comments: I've been waiting for some rain to roll around so I could practice my set up and give my gear the final test. It's now been tested in wind, snow, and rain, and I am quite pleased with it. There was a bit of a learning curve to setting up in the rain ( I got soaking wet, and so did the gear I just tossed on the ground when setting up the tarp) but I'd rather learn it in my backyard than out in the woods. In my opinion, the DryFly is a fine tarp despite the negatives of its steep cat cuts. I found that the only problem I had with it was that it was just long enough to cover the ends of my hammock, and not go the recommended 6-8 inches over each end. I have been looking at my options for other tarps though, and playing around with the idea of using a tent footprint... bigger and cheaper, but will it work?
After the downpour, the tarp was dry in about 30 minutes, which impressed me because I've sat entire mornings in camp waiting for my tent to dry off (not fun!).

As requested here are some pictures from my trip to the badlands-


  1. What did you attach your hammock to?

    1. oops... that picture cut it out but its attached to two rocks... I'll put up another picture