Week 11- Make-up Day

Weather: temps 60-65*, winds calm 0-5 mph, slight chance of storms
Gear: Eno Hammock, ENO Dryfly, DIY Suspension, Snugpak travelpak extreme sleeping bag, Ridgeline/ various attachments.

Comments: First and foremost,  I am back and feeling 100% after a week and a half of sickness. Now to the fun stuff. Last night was beautiful. Beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL!!! Spring has made an early arrival here in Minnesota, and boy does it feel nice! The snow, ice, and frost are gone. I was finally able to get stakes in without using a hammer!
Now that its so nice, the hammock has really come through and shown its level of comfort. In the cold of winter, it was more of a set-up-as-quick-as-possible-and-take-down-before-hands-freeze-off sort of deal. Now, I can take my time liesurley setting it up just the way I want it. I've also gotten about two or three naps in yesterday afternoon through today. I've put away the uq untill next winter because the insulation under me from the sleeping bag is doing just fine keeping me warm.
Check back tomorrow for my now back on schedule write ups.

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