Week 10

Weather: Temps 15-20 degrees, wind 15-25 degrees, traces of snow

Gear: -20 degree sleeping bag, therma rest reflective foam pad, eureka apex 2 tent

Comments: Sorry about the late post, I was really busy/ not feeling so good yesterday. So... Saturday night was not a fun one. For starters, I need to use a... wait for it.... tent. I was headed down to my grandpas for my little sister’s birthday, and my grandpa has absolutely zero trees around him. Before we left, I tried to convince my dad to take my camping that night, but it turns out that old sleeping bag I repurposed for my underquilt was his one and only sleeping bag... oops. So, I was stuck in m y grandpa’s backyard... in a tent. The ground was frozen, and the wind was gusting frequently to around 30 mph. It was not fun trying to set up a tent without stakes in high winds. Once I finally got it set up, I was able to throw my sleeping gear inside to weight it down. This worked fine, it was just a little uncomfortable.

I woke up in the morning with a thick layer of condensation on the rainfly of the tent, because it was so close to my head without being sake out. It took about 20 minutes to put away, and I never want to take it out of its bag again.

So, now that I’ve slept in a tent after hanging for a while, I’ve come to the conclusion that the advantage of the hammock over a tent is ease of use and comfort. I found I liked the organization of the tent better, with gear lofts and pockets built in, but for the pain it is to set up and take down, I can deal with the not so wonderful organization of hammocks.

(I forgot pictures in the pain of putting the thing away... sorry)

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  1. Hey! I also had to sleep in a tent a couple nights last summer while up in Ontario. Not fun.
    As for organization, may I suggest you look into ridgeline bags and/or a gear hammock? Over time I think you might discover the main benefit of the tent, easy organization, can be had also with a hammock set up.

    Keep the faith, man!