Week 14

Weather: Temps ranging 30-35 degrees, winds between 8-12 mph, no precipitation

Gear:  Eno Hammock, ENO Dryfly, DIY Suspension, Snugpak travelpak extreme sleeping bag, Ridgeline/ various attachments, DIY Underquilt

Comments: Yes, I am a day early on my post. I had to sleep out last night instead of tonight because we are leaving very early in the morning tomorrow for a trip to South Dakota. It's spring break, and we're doing a 4 day three night trip to SD. We'll be hiking the Badlands (yes, my hammock is coming along) and visiting Mount Rushmore.
So anyways, about last night. Again, I'm short on what to talk about. I've found my tarp is getting loose in when its windy, and therefore i wake up to it flapping around. Any suggestions? Also, I'm finding that my legs are getting cold even though my underquilt is full length. Otherwise, It was a beautiful night out.
Like I said last week, I am going to start reviewing some of my gear for you all. I have my channel up-
http://www.youtube.com/user/TrekHammocks?feature=mhee and hope to do my first review later this evening. Stay tuned!


  1. There is an optimum angle for a tarp in winds which is around 45 degrees. You will have to experiment with yours. I also use shock cord on my tarp. It's the same size as 550 line. That keeps it from pulling stakes out as easily.

    The yellow stakes you are using are kind of bulky and heavy. REI makes an aluminum stake for about $1.00 apiece.

    I find if I hang my head about 6 inches higher than my feet my legs feel better. Otherwise they feel a little tired in the morning. But then, I'm 58. Maybe it doesn't work the same for young people.

    Have a great camping trip.

  2. I forgot. Take some pictures on the trip.