Week 9

Weather: Temps 5- 15 degrees, winds 15-25 mph, no precip
Gear: ENO hammock, ENO tarp, Kelty -20 sleeping bag, diy suspension, diy underquilt, ridgeline w/ various attachments.

Comments: Week 9, and I've finally discovered true hammock bliss. After 8 weeks of slight tweaks and different gear, I have finally dialed in my set up to a point where I've found the true comfort of a hammock. Using an underquilt (uq) instead of a pad has greatly improved the comfort. Like I said last week, any newbie hammock campers Should LOOK INTO AN UQ!! They are hundreds of thousands of billions of times more comfortable than a pad. I don't think I'll be moving to a top quilt any time soon because the sleeping bag is still working out for me.

Last night, the wind had really picked up. I took out the tarp for the first time in three weeks, but the stakes would simply not go into the cement solid ground. Lucky for me, there was enough snow for me to tie the lines out to sticks and anchor the sticks under the snow. I let the lines a little slack so they would have some wiggle room and not pull my anchors up in the 25 mph wind, and it did the trick.

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  1. There really isn't anything better than an underquilt for bottom insulation. Glad things are working out for you better and you're nice and comfy in your hammock.

    You should get some gutter nails from home depot for that frozen ground. They're about 80cents a piece and you just hammer them on in that solid ground. :)