Week 7

Weather: Temperatures: -2 - 5 degrees, winds 10-20 mph, no precipitation.

Gear: Eno hammock Eno raintarp, Thermarest pad, Kelty -20 bag, diy suspension, hot water bottles, Msr pocket rocket stove

Comments: Last night was the coldest one I experienced. Had I not had my tarp set up as a wind break, I probably would not have made it through because without the wind, it was-2, and with winds around 15 mph, the wind chill was around -10. I was having some trouble with getting my pad under me properly, so I stuffed it down the sleeping bag. This worked pretty well, but I think with that uncomfortable experience I'm going to try out an under quilt.
I decided to throw a hot water bottle in the bottom of the bag last night because I knew it would get cold. Wrapped in a sock, it was still reasonably warm in the morning. I also tested out my new pocket rocket stove for some breakfast from the hammock. The stove had semi-frozen water boiling in less than five minutes. It was easy to light, with no priming or pumping, even at -2 degrees. Its small size will make it my second best friend (next to my hammock) this summer when I get out backpacking.

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