Week 6

Weather: temperature 20-30 degrees, winds calm 5 mph.

Gear:  Rectanguler sleeping bag repurposed into a top quilt, heat reflecting therma rest pad, ENO hammock, DIY suspension, ENO DRyfly raintarp, ridge line with various attachments.

Comments: It was a little warmer than most nights, so i decided to make a top quilt out of a sleeping bag that had the foot end ripped out. It was rectangular, and i just draped it over the hammock. Even though it was a 15 degree bag, it was almost just as warm as the 20 below bag I've been using. It pulled the hammock tight up on me, and the pad reflected the heat better as i was laying directly on it.  The bag also draped down and came very close to touching the ground, which created a warm air pocket under me, and kept the wind from stealing the heat from my back side. The only part of me that was a little cold was my top side because it didnt have a whole lot of insulation. The cold was bearable though, and it turned out to be a great night. As i mentioned in one of my other posts, i replaced the tarp stuff sack with a mesh one. This morning, i made a black bishop bag out of the old tarp stuff sack and it now houses my hammock. It taked just seconds to set it up, and i love it.
Any tenters out there who are reading this blog should take a look at the pictures from last night, because i was suspended over about 2 inches of ice. You tenters would not have had a very comfortable night laying on that...

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  1. Hey, I just looked in on your blog after a couple weeks. I noticed the name change. Good idea! I looks like you bag was really well insulated in week 5. Hard to believe the snow didn't melt and soak you while you slept!