Week 8

Weather: Temperatures 20-30 degrees, winds calm 0-5 mph, no precipitation.
Gear: DIY Underquilt, DIY Suspension, ENO Hammock, Ridgeline, Snugpak Travelpak Xtreme.

Comments:  Last night was by far my most comfortable night yet. It was a touch warmer than the other nights, and I said my final goodbyes to my pad on Friday after finishing my DIY underquilt. The sleeping bag I used in week 6 was trimmed to size, and then I sewed channels in the end. I have 8 feet of paracord going through the quilt on both sides, and its hooked onto the hammock with bungees. And boy, an underquilt beats a pad in sleeping comfort by a thousand miles. Any of you hammock forumers out there reading this who still use pads, make yourself an underquilt.

  I would have slept well into the morning, but my underquilt ended up falling off my hammock at about 6 o'clock. I thought it had snapped and that I would need to repair it when it got lighter out. I decided to call it a night, as I slept pretty long, and I didn't want to risk hypothermia staying out in the 20 degree weather with a 30 degree sleeping bag and no bottom insulation. Turns out in the morning that the paracord just got disconnected from the hammock, and I felt really stupid for calling it so early without checking out what happened.


  1. OK, so you now know the joys of the UQ. Your project looks great!
    Take a look at some of the designs by folks at Arrowhead, hammockgear, or warbonnetoutdoors. You might have more success using 1/8" or so shock cord for your entire suspension. Another thing that most if the manufacturers use is line locks so you can adjust the tension to sung the UQ up or, in hotter weather, vent it out.

    1. shockcord is my next purchase, the paracord is sringy enough to temporarly do the job for now