Week 5

Weather: Temperatures 10-25 degrees, winds 20 mph, gusting 30-40 mph. 1/2 inch of snowfall throughout the night.

Gear: ENO Singlenest hammock, DIY Suspension, -20 Sleeping bag, Thermarest heat-reflecting sleeping pad, ridge line w/ various attachments.

Comments: It was a cold, wet night last night. I got home late after being gone all day yesterday so I did not set up the tarp, just the hammock because I wanted to get it done fast. I probably should have payed more attention to the weather forecasting a 40% chance of snow between 9-11, but I just kind of over looked that. Sure enough, I woke up under a blanket of snow, and my shoes, which I thought were under the hammock more, were also dusted with snow. No big deal though, it was just about a half an inch, and a couple of quick shakes of the sleeping bag got rid of the snow. One thing I haven't noticed many people pointing out is just how easy hammocks are to clean. With a swift jerk at one end, and snow and dirt that accumulated on it was knocked off.

The wind really picked up in the early morning, almost like in the first week. I ended up spending most of the night burrowed into the sleeping bag. The tree in my front yard, which already had a cut going 8 inches into it was popping and creaking really loud with every gust of wind, and I was a little worried it my split in half and come crashing down on me. Luckily, it didn't. The wind was a little hard to deal with without a tarp breaking it, but as I mentioned before, snuggling into the sleeping bag had the same effect.

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