Week 4

Weather: Temperatures 5-20 degrees, wind gusting 15-20 mph, freezing rain in the morning

Gear: ENO Singlenest hammock, DIY Suspension, -20 Sleeping bag, ENO Dryfly Tarp, Thermarest heat-reflecting sleeping pad, ridge line w/ various attachments.

Comments: Winter has finally hit Minnesota. We have snow on the ground, and the temperatures have plummeted over the past week. My set up was pretty cozy last night though. I had the tarp pitched pretty steep to keep the wind off, and it worked very well. I added a ridgeline of paracord to my set up, and I was able to hang all the stuff sacks, a bag with and extra shirt/ pants if I got cold, and a flashlight that conveniently hung right above my head. I also received some polyester straps in the mail, and FINALLY I was not lowered to the ground with stretchy nylon ones by morning!!!! I dint have time to do any sewing on them, so I just did some simple knots to attach them to my tree and hammock. I also still need a set of D rings for each end because the suspension was just tied off to the carabiners that come with the hammock. The only problem that I have yet to solve, and I don't think I've mentioned this before, is that the stuff sack for the rain tarp is VERY small. I think though that I can steal an old mesh bag off one of my old mess kits to replace it.


  1. As an avid hammock user your experiment looks interesting. Do you get condensation on your sleeping bag from breathing throughout the night?


    1. I really havent had to many problems... i woke up once with a small pool of condenstaion between my pad and sleeping bag, but thats the only condensation problem ive ever had. Of course, its hard to tell because with being winter, it turns into more ice than condensation.