Week 3

Weather: Temperatures 15-25 degrees, winds 5-10 mph, traces of snow

Gear: Kelty -20 degree sleeping bag, ENO Singlenest Hammock, ENO Slapstrap, Thermarest heat reflecting pad, Coleman rechargeable lantern, Mountainsmith Buzz 2 lumbar pack.

Comments: It was a beautiful night last night. I spent most of the day at my grandpa's farm, and it was late when I got home. I decided to skip setting up the tarp to save some time. Learning my lessons from previous weeks, I set the slap straps about 5 feet up the tree. I woke up about a foot lower than when I went to bed, but I was still a good two feet off the ground. I'm hoping to have some straps made for next week so I can say good-bye to the 7 feet of stretchy nylon webbing. I decided to take out the Kelty sleeping bag I used in the first week because it was about ten degrees colder than the temperature my Snugpak bag could take. I slept well all night, and only my nose was the least bit cold. Usually being outside wakes me up at about 5 in the morning, but with the insane comfort of staying off the ground all night in the hammock and not being stretched to rest on the ground, I was woken up around 7 by my dad so we could get to church on time.  The only problem with not setting up my tarp was that my sleeping bag got frosty, but a couple shakes to care of this. I also decided to test the lumbar pack I got for Christmas. It's the Mountainsmith Buzz 2 pack, and it's very comfortable. I put my hammock in the main pocket, took one of the included water bottles out of its holder and replaced it with my slapstraps, and put a flash light into one of the three convenient side pockets. Had I been on a day hike, I would have filled one of the other pockets with a granola bar or two, and the other one with a little first-aid/ survival kit.  The last thing is that I kinda forgot about picture taking I was so tired last night and comfy this morning... so Ill see if I can put the lumbar pack on but I dont have any of the hammock... sorry.

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  1. Have enjoyed reading so far...keep it up!