Week 2

Weather: Temperatures ranging 20-30 degrees. Winds calm, 0-5 mph.

Gear: Snugpak Travelpak sleeping bag, ENO Singlenest Hammock, ENO Slapstrap suspension system, ENO Dryfly raintarp, Thermarest heat reflecting ccf sleeping pad.

Comments: Last night was a LOT nicer than last week. The winds were very calm, and the temperatures were just under freezing. It was a pretty comfortable night, other than the fact that I set up the hammock really badly and ended up almost sliding off one end of it during the middle of the night because I wasn't paying very close attention to the fact that one slap strap was about 3 feet higher than the other. Also, I was wearing wool socks that were very loose and ended up loosing feeling in my right foot by morning... had to come back inside about two hours earlier than i expected. the foot quickly recovered though, after some rubbing and setting it in a blanket.
I received a new sleeping bag in the mail on Thursday, and was very excited to test it out. It was the Snugpak Travelpak sleeping bag. The bag is rated at 30 degrees, and I was very warm in it other than the fact it was so thin the small amount of wind stole heat away from my foot as mentioned above. It cost about $75, and was a steal. It comes with an integrated mosquito net and a small pocket to store valuables. The mosquito netting is barley useful though, as it rests on your face when lying in the bag so bugs can just bite right through. If anything, it will prevent bugs from crawling into the bag during the day. My favorite part about this sleeping bag is its pack size. It packs down to around 1 foot long uncompressed, and you can easily compress it to about 8 or so inches, and squeeze it to about 6 inches. This is a very nice bag, and I was really happy with it.
On Friday I received another new piece of gear, my Kelty Lakota 65 Backpack. It's kind of hard to test that right now as I am only able to be in my backyard, but I will review it next time I go backpacking. I quickly tested its capacity, and was able to stuff my sleeping bag into its compartment, my full hammocking system in to the top lid, 4 shirts and one pair of socks into the front pocket, and three full sized blankets in to the main compartment. This will be plenty of space, and I am happy with the features of the pack so far. It cost me $115.

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  1. Good luck with your year-long adventure! It will take some determination not to miss a week.

    With your hammock, maybe it should be 52 Nights Over Ground...